Take Advantage Of The Services Of An Insurance Wholesaler

  • With the help of TSW you can continue to serve your clients’ interests even when they venture outside the country. Our network of insurers lets us subscribe risks with operations or important sales to the USA or worldwide
  • TSW allows you to place large commercial accounts through a single insurer offering high capacities, eliminating the need for additional intermediaries and multiple contracts.
  • Even if you do not represent all insurers, with our help you can still obtain the best possible protection for your client, thus fulfilling your role as a trusted advisor.
  • By being able to obtain all the protection your clients need, you remain their only broker.
  • TSW opens the doors to specialty insurance markets for you.
  • By working with our team, you gain a precious ally. TSW is always ready to act as your advisor and to provide assistance.
  • If you’ve lost an account to the competition, TSW can obtain a competitive quote to help you try to win it back.