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If you wish to be contacted by one of our representatives, email us, or if you prefer to contact one of our offices directly, simply find the nearest city below for our coordinates.

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Karl Wolwertz,
Eastern Regional Manager

Holly Kerruish,
Client Service Manager -
Western Region

Kathleen Sooknarine,
Esatern Region

Sara Bourassa
Administrative Assistant
Eastern Region


Marc Surprenant,
Client Executive

Dave Weinberg,
Western Regional Manager

Michelle Loupret,

Client Service Manager - Western Region

Renée Moore,
Client Executive
Eastern Region




TSW Management Services Inc.
3448 Stanley Street
Montreal, Quebec H3A 1R8

Tel: (514) 982-6522
Toll Free: (800) 892-6522
Fax: (514) 982-9764

TSW Management Services Inc.
1177 West Hastings Street, Suite 200
Vancouver, British-Columbia V6E 2K3

Tel: (604) 678-9833
Toll Free: (866) 904-8146
Fax: (604) 678-6882